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Start your journey to feeling amazing every day, today!

Nutrient dense mesquite pod flour ( the ground mesquite bean flour not the bark, that's what my mom thought too) Meets wild crafted super tonic Chinese herbs, chlorella and cacao. Designed for everything from endurance sports to daily activities for everyone.


Throw a heaping tablespoon into your favorite warm or cold liquid. Day or Night

Non gmo, Soy free, No garbage sugar, Dairy free




We are not just another company creating another product to put on another shelf, in another store, in another town. 

From the ground up, every aspect of this company has the ultimate betterment of all of humanity and the entire Earth at the forefront. the days of business as usual need to come to an end. The needs of humanity and the environment must come first, uncompromisingly, unremittingly. To make money off of the tattered back of the environment enslaves us all to a dead future. We all want a better future. We all want a better world. We all want better options. And here we are. 

Wild crafted superfoods

At Space of Love Foods we see a world in which every family who chooses to, lives on their own plot of land from which they can live in harmony with their environment and create their own livelihood. From this place we can all participate in the world from a place of empowered interdependence, a meaningful sense of security, and ecological abundance. 

We are committed to operating from the belief that the ends and the means of production must be in coherence in order to foster the world we want to inhabit.


 Our commitments :

So what are we doing? Everything possible to actually make our Vision a living reality. Seriously, everything we can do. That's not just hyperbole. When we're presented with choices, we choose the one that benefits all, not just the few and not just someone's wallet. 

We foster our Vision through the following practices: 

* Sourcing only the highest quality ingredients that are produced using ecologically and humanely sound practices and locally when available.

* Providing our products in 100% compostable packaging or reusable glass.

* Being fully committed to ethical and totally transparent decision making.

* Educating the public about Holistic Wellness, Regenerative Business Models, and Environmental Stewardship. 


looking for Sol Terra to your doorstep?

" Sol Terra changed my morning routine, I was experiencing drained adrenals and super fuel recharged my body and brought substantial energy back into my life. "

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